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Effluz (Preemies & Twins), was born from the experiences that two Panamanian parents lived, after 6 years of marriage, losing three pregnancies, two of them abroad and the birth of our twins, Camila and Gael. They are the inspiration for everything, they were born at 6 months of gestation, that is, 26 weeks pregnant. And yes, as you can imagine it was stressful, beautiful and a very strong experience since at birth they weighed 2 pounds. They, our family and friends were the strength we need to get ahead.

Going through this situation, life definitely changes you and gives you a new perspective on what really matters and how you want to live your life. It was important to us that our children have what they need to survive and have a good quality of life. This was really difficult at times since in Panama it was difficult to get clothes of the correct size, specialized pillows, medicines and other necessary products for premature babies and twins. This was what really marked the experience, not being able to find anything close and fast, because in premature babies every day is a battle and there is no time to lose.

Our store was designed with a lot of love and applying our personal experiences to provide you and your babies with the warmth and understanding that parents of premature babies and twins so much need. Taking care of two babies at the same time is another difficult situation to cope with without the right tools. That's why at Effluz we have products that we have tested at home with our own children and that we know work. When you have twins, it is not that you have to buy more, but you have to know what and how much to buy.

In addition to that, we also have products for healthy full-term babies, infants, children and parents, we not only specialize in premature babies and twins, so our space applies to everyone.

A very important point in our journey with premature babies and twins was the lack of informative talks such as those given to families of full-term babies. That is why we have a space for talks and workshops on these topics. We know that having two babies at the same time is very nice, but it is also difficult, so our first advice is to enjoy every moment as a family and take things easy.

Coming home every day and seeing two miracles really makes you wake up wanting to make a difference in the world.

In 2016 we opened our physical store in Paitilla, then in 2018 we moved to a house in a commercial area in El Dorado and finally we decided to be an online store to spend more time with the family and just a few months into the pandemic, from what we saw that it was good decision to go online, which does not mean less work, we promise that we will do our best to provide functional products and services for your lives.

In 2022 we decided to change our image and after months of work finally in 2023 we relaunched Effluz.

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